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Ram Pride

RISE Grant Awardee

Centennial R-1 recently received a RISE grant to increase student access and agency with technology through a hyper-local 4th-grade Social Studies curriculum and HS Digital Arts curriculum developed in partnership with History Colorado and Digital Artists Kevin Sweet and Sarah McCormick.

Internet Access Grants and Projects

Through extensive funding from the State of Colorado, Centennial is embarking on a historic internet project to provide wifi internet to Centennial students while off-campus in an effort to provide equity in access and lessen the digital divide experienced by small, rural communities.

EARSS Grant Awardee

Centennial has been awarded an EARSS grant to build opportunities for our at-risk students to build the skills and experiences necessary to engage positively with school through work-based learning, restorative practices, and family skill building activities designed to strengthen family/school partnerships.

Community Strength

Centennial strives to sustain the local culture, traditions, practices, and language while providing critical lenses for our students to understand and engage with the world. Each initiative we undertake is infused with these goals and values. We know our strength lies within the deep roots of the community we serve.

ram spotligt April 2024 students of the month

Aaron Gallegos DC

Aaron Gallegos (DC): Aaron has a great time at school and loves making friends! He's definitely an adventurous little one, always eager to explore new activities and learn new skills. And how sweet it is that he's always ready with a comforting hug for anyone who needs it.

Sebastian Maestas DC

Sebastian Maestas (DC): Sebastian is an absolute delight at school! He brings so much joy to his teacher with his infectious laughter and playful antics. It's heartwarming to see him enjoy his time at school and brighten everyone's day with his adorable sense of humor.

Ezekiel Ozuna K

Ezekiel Ozuna (K): Ezekiel has shown exceptional academic growth and his smile brightens the day!

Lucas Casias (5th)

Lucas Casias (5th): Lucas has been working hard to keep up with his good grades. He has also been helping some of the students that need help with class work. Lucas' attitude has also improved a lot towards the students and the teacher.

Madisen Measaw (5th):

Madisen Measaw (5th): Madisen started the year late as a 5th grade student, but this did not stop her to keep up with her good grades in all subjects. Madisen's score for the AR math test was very high, Her score was higher than the 8th grade. She is polite and respectful.

Delfino Rael (8th)

Delfino Rael (8th): Delfino has been doing his best to comply with all tasks given to him. He is a brilliant kid who thinks critically.

Sindy Velasquez (6th)

Sindy Velasquez (6th): Sindy has improved academically. She tried her best to finish the tasks given to her. She is also friendly.

Mario Lopez (11th)

Mario Lopez (11th): Mario puts in great effort and had a tremendous improvement throughout the last school year.

Melynna Rael (9th)

Melynna Rael (9th): Melynna has a very positive attitude, strong work ethic, and high quality of work.