Letter to Families: March 26

Good morning Centennial families,

 As we wake to the new stay at home order from Gov. Polis, I wanted to thank everyone who made the first meal and material pick-up a huge success: our cooks, teachers, education support professionals, and custodians! These talented individuals were "all hands on deck" these past few days making healthy meals, meaningful learning experiences, and keeping everything sanitized. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing team and community.

During this stay at home order, we will continue to provide meal and material pick-ups/drop-off as an essential service to our community. We will try to send assignments home via text, email or virtual platform (Class Tag, Class Dojo, or Google classroom) to all students who have access and via paper material sets for those who do not (or are not old enough). The goal is to cut back on physical contact as much as possible, but in ways that ensure every student has equal access to these learning experiences. We are working on partnering to provide mobile hotspots to families without internet and providing Chromebooks to households without access via phone or computer. We will have more information about these supports next week.

Material Pick-up/Drop-offs:

--> If you received a bag with your children's assignments yesterday, please return the bag (bag only) to the meal pick-up on Monday. We will let the bags sit for 24 hours (so any virus is no longer active) and then refill them for pick-up on Wednesday. Do not return student work on Monday. We will collect student work on Wednesday.

--> On Wednesdays, we will collect all student work in our drop-off bin (Thank you Gerald Trujillo and James, Jude, and Yvette Mascareñas for making that happen!). While you put the work in the bin, we will place the next week's materials in your trunk. 

--> We hope to have bags for every student next week. This week, we prioritized bags for families with more than one student since we had a limited amount. If you have any clean, unused, reusable bags that you would like to donate, please drop them off on Monday during meal pick-up. 

Grab and Go Meal Service:

We will continue to provide Grab and Go meal service for anyone under 18. This meal looks a bit different than our traditional lunches, but it provides the recommended nutrition for two days of breakfasts and two days of lunch. To keep everyone safe and to ensure the process runs smoothly, please follow these steps:

1. Open you trunk for food pick-up. Avoid getting out of your vehicle or walking up to the school or pick-up site.

2. When you bring items home, remove them from the bags and put in your own containers. 

3. Wash your hands :)

We look forward to continuing to serve our community. Although we miss seeing your children each day, we are proud to do our part to ensure the most vulnerable members of our community stay with us for a long time. The beauty and space of where we live provides many opportunities for us to spend time together as families: exploring our backyard; enjoying the laughter and love of those we are isolated with; and deepening our roots into the earth, the mountains, and the water that nourish our souls. Staying home keeps others safe, staying home keeps our families strong, staying home provides an opportunity to build memories we will cherish long after the struggle of this time has passed. 

Thank you for staying home.