Sat., March 14: COVID-19 Update

March 14, 2020

Centennial School Community,

As the majority of you are aware, the COVID 19 virus has been the focus of not only our nation’s attention but also that of Colorado’s and Governor Polis.  Numerous communications are sent daily to state and local agencies including the school district.  We have been monitoring those communications as well as reading through them to assure we are staying abreast of the new developments as they happen.  What I want to assure you of is that if at any point in time the district feels it is necessary to close our school, we will do so with the primary focus on keeping our students, staff, school community, and the community of San Luis safe while evaluating the overall effect such a closure will have on our families and community as a whole.

I personally have been in communication with other Valley District Superintendents and sitting in on video meetings being held by the Department of Education.  What the consistent message has been to this point is that each individual school district has the option to close each of their schools based off of what they feel is best for their students and families.  As of two days ago, the Governor’s office had established requirements when a district does verify a confirmed case of COVID-19 within their school, and those requirements mandate that a school/district shut down for a specific period of time.  These requirements also dictate how a school district will handle multiple confirmed cases as well.

As we begin the week of Spring Break, I ask that you, too, listen and monitor the information being presented and refer to our website periodically so as not to miss any communication that comes directly from the district.  With this being an ever-evolving situation, at any given point in time a decision could be made regarding how our district will be handling the weeks following Spring Break.  While on Spring Break, I ask that we all practice the preventative measures that have been established by health organizations

·       Clean your hands often

·       Avoid close contact

·       Take steps to protect others

·       Cover coughs and sneezes

·       Wear a face mask if you are sick

·       Clean and disinfect

This coming Monday, I will again be a part of a video conference being held between the Valley School District Superintendents.  The main purpose of this conference is to keep each other abreast of what each district is doing to address any issues associated with COVID 19, present plans that are being made, and work together to coordinate for the weeks following ahead.  We also will be sharing any resources and/or supports each district may have access to that can be shared with across districts.  

Be safe while on Spring Break and take care of your families and friends. Remember to refer back to our school website periodically for any new information or announcements we may be sharing.