Wed., March 18- Letter to Families

Dear Centennial Families,

I write this letter under novel circumstances that shift daily like sand under your feet. Our local, regional, and national health agencies are asking everyone to practice social distancing and fundamentally change the way we interact with each other and our world for the next few weeks. Although Coronavirus has not entered our Valley yet, it is just a matter of time because that is the way this virus is moving. The goal of social distancing is to slow the curve, or the peak of cases at one time, so that our healthcare system can support those who are most in need. In order to accomplish the goal of slowing the spread, we all must change our behaviors and avoid unnecessary travel and contact with others. It is a collective responsibility we share to take care of all the members of our community.

Your Centennial teachers and staff are working together to develop a plan for if our school closes that includes remote learning experiences to ensure your children and families are supported. With the pausing of CMAS testing for this year, we have the breathing room to deepen concepts we have already began with students and target real-world applications of each subject in your homes and the natural world in our backyard. 

Our priorities are:

  • Ensuring the class of 2020 remains on track for graduation.
  • Providing meals for students, however possible, if our school closes.
  • Preparing a combination of print and virtual materials if we move to remote learning. We understand that some families will not have access to online materials, so we will provide a combination of learning experiences so you can successfully guide your child.
  • Providing platforms for students and families to reach out to teachers for support. There are many great ways for students and parents to remain in contact with teachers to ask questions, gain support, and remain connected. These may include video platforms, email, and phone-in “office hours.”

When we reach a point that requires a school closure, we will provide guidance to families about a pick-up schedule for parents to pick-up student assignments, schedules/procedures for providing meals to students, protocols for dropping off/submitting completed work, and protocols for on-going communication.

The Valley Superintendents are meeting again today, CEA is calling on Gov. Polis to provide a recommendation about school closures, and Pres. Trump is being called on to provide federal guidance to schools. Our school board has a special work session this Thursday at 6:00 to discuss our district’s response and plan. The sand is still shifting, but we’ll navigate it together.

Thank you all for your patience, concerns, and suggestions. The uncertainty of the weeks ahead requires your stamina-- so unplug, go for a walk, and enjoy the 20 seconds of meditation each time you wash your hands.


Principal Rael